Fashion: Tips For Personalising Your Wardrobe

When it comes to your living space, it must reflect you as much as possible. That should even include your wardrobe space, of course, it’s not just the inside that counts, but the outside too.

Your clothing style reflects your cool, funky and bold self, so why should your wardrobe be any different? See it as a shell for your creative style to explode when you are getting ready for an exciting day.

Some DIY and organisation tips can make all the difference when making your wardrobe only for you.

Organise the Space

Getting the basics out the way first, personalisation can also be organised. If you want your style to shine through, it needs to be visible, and arranging the space within the wardrobe is a great way to do this.

Simple rules to follow are to make room for the hanging clothes as they will take up most of the space. Keep any foldable t-shirts and jeans in the draws alongside other clothing items that don't always need an iron. Ironing takes time away from more useful, creative activities such as finding 20 reasons to send a handmade greeting card, so why waste any more time?

Colourful Hangers 

As much as your clothes can do the talking, investing in some pretty, colourful hangers can add that extra detail to your wardrobe others won't be doing. Buying them is always an option, but tapping into your arts and crafts skills you might be able to personalise them yourself.

You could even coordinate them by name as to what clothing item you'll be putting on them. For example, you might designate a colour for coats only, and another for dresses and the list goes on. You might even add different textiles onto the hangers, incorporating fabrics to prevent the clothes from slipping off the hangers.

Colour Coordinate 

Colour coordinating is a harder tip to maintain, but if you can master the habit of keeping your wardrobe colour coordinated you will be the personalisation queen. By this, we mean assorting the colours of the clothing items in your wardrobe into colour categories. So your blue dresses will be in one space, your red Christmas jumpers and tops will be in one place, and so on.

An easy guide to follow in order for the colours to compliment each other is to follow the order of the colours of the rainbow. Not only is it satisfying to the eye, but if you are someone with a lot of clothes it can make the outfit planning process a lot easier.

Add Lighting

Now if you are looking for some DIY luxury, adding lighting inside or outside your wardrobe can make the space feel expensive and light up the room even more.

Fairy lighting around the border can give off the ethereal look. They are relatively cheap to buy and are low maintenance depending on the quality.

LED lights can also be affordable, and putting them within the wardrobe at the top will give off that dressing room and retail look ultimately giving you luxury living on a budget.