20 Reasons to Send a Handmade Greetings Card

Greetings cards are given to commemorate many occasions, holidays, and seasons. You can celebrate in style or send an extra special sentiment with a handmade card. If you want to create personalised invitations, you can use an online invitation maker.

Here are twenty of the most common reasons to send a card.


Remembering someone’s wedding anniversary is touching indeed, so why not send them an extra special card to commemorate the occasion?

Whether your recipients have spent their first year together or even sixty, a handmade wedding anniversary card makes so much difference. You can even get the card personalised to include the couple's names and the number of years they have spent together in wedded bliss.


A handmade birthday card knocks the socks off just sending a mundane happy birthday text message, email or a standard store-bought card any day.

Buying a beautifully hand-designed birthday card shows that you care about making a fuss of someone on one of the most special days of the year; the anniversary of the day they were born.


Ho ho ho! What better way to add a bit of festive sparkle to someone's Christmas than sending them a stunningly designed Christmas card?

Perfect for when you don't have the time or materials to make your own, there is a fantastic variety of handmade Christmas cards available for purchase featuring everything from Christmas trees and reindeer to more innovative ideas including interactive pull-tab and popup Christmas cards.

Did you know? The first Christmas cards were made in the 1800s in England and became very popular after the establishment of the first postal service for regular citizens (which was encouraged by Sir Henry Cole, the same man who thought of making the cards in the first place).

New Year

Welcome in the New Year and wish people all the best with a handmade Happy New Year card. The start of a new year is an auspicious event that is observed in many cultures, so whether you are celebrating the Chinese New Year or perhaps the New Year by the Gregorian calendar, it's always a nice gesture to wish someone a good fortune and good health in the form of a card.


No matter the achievement, a handmade congratulations card is a lovely way of saying Well Done! Whether it’s for passing an exam or a driving test, why not let the receiver know you are proud of them with a personalised card to say congrats?


Colourful eggs, yellow chicks and cute bunnies, there is no shortage of amazing designs in our Easter card selection. Sending Easter cards is a much-loved tradition and a handmade card just gives that extra touch that means so much!


For the Islamic festival that comes twice a year, Eid card designs often feature distinctive, symmetrical patterns and colours. There are two Eid festivals:

Eid-Al-Fitr which is celebrated at the end of the month of Ramadan (where Muslims fast for 30 days from dawn to dusk) when the moon is a crescent shape and Eid-Al-Adha where an animal is sacrificed and the meat is distributed among the poor, to conclude the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

Popular Eid-Al-Fitr card designs are normally adorned with crescent moon shapes and geometrical patterns reminiscent of historical Islamic artwork.

Eid-Al-Adha cards can be decorated with sheep and goat illustrations, or any of the sacrificial animals. Eid cards come in many vibrant colours and green is well-liked as this colour is symbolic of Islam, as it is believed that the residents of Paradise will wear green in the afterlife.


Send heartwarming wishes, words of wisdom and congratulations to a happy couple who have decided to tie the knot with a luxury, handmade engagement card, that they will want to keep hold of and cherish well into their married days.

Father's Day

Show your dad, grandfather and even father-in-law some appreciation and love on Father's Day in the form of a handmade card that will make his day.

Get Well Soon

A positive mindset is part of the healing process so a motivational Get Well Soon card can help someone to recover. Cheer someone up when they are feeling down with a handmade card that can be personalised with cheerful sentiments, it’s a smart idea that will make them smile.


Whoever you're getting this card for has earned it after all that hard work, so celebrate their achievement with an exquisite handmade graduation card that can be customised to include their name, subject and graduation date.

Mother's Day

There isn’t a better time to say thanks to Mum for everything than Mother’s Day. Pair up a fancy handmade Mother’s Day card with a hamper full of all her favourite things, it’s the least you can do for your mother. Don't forget to treat your nan or even mother-in-law to a beautifully created, handmade card that they will appreciate too.

New Babies

To celebrate the arrival of a bundle of joy, there is no shortage of simply adorable and unique handmade cards that are suitable for the births of both baby boys and girls, as well as twins, triplets and more! Personalise your card with the baby's name and birth date to create a charming keepsake that new parents will cherish.

New Home

An attractive handmade card makes the perfect gesture to welcome someone to their new home or to present at a housewarming party, whether it’s for someone’s first house that they have bought or simply because they have moved into a new place.

New Job

Congratulate someone on getting a new job or a promotion and wish them good luck with a handmade card that depicts something related to their new job, for example, a web developer may appreciate an interactive card with a computer screen that has some code pop-up on it.

To Offer Condolences or Apologies

Makeup after a breakup with a unique or custom handmade card that says you are truly sorry; or send a tastefully designed sympathy card to express your condolences to someone in their time of sorrow.

To Say Hello or I Miss You

There is no better way to get back in touch with an old friend or let someone know you are thinking of them or that you miss them with a unique handmade card that with touch their heart no matter how far away you are.

To Say I Love You

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or simply just to say I love you, show someone you care about them with a unique handmade card that has a romantic and eye-catching design.

To Say Thank You

Whether the favour is big or small, if you want to express your gratitude then say it loud and clear with a fantastically designed, handmade thank-you card that will show someone that you appreciate their efforts.


Weddings are a very special event that celebrates the new bond between two people for life, therefore a beautiful, luxury handmade wedding card is a must to congratulate the happy couple in style and it is something they will keep as a memory of their big day for years to come.