Top 20 Wedding Favour Ideas

A wedding is a beautiful event and in this joining of souls, everything has to be planned to the minutest detail. Your wedding only happens once in your lifetime (for some!) so it has to be one of the most memorable events ever; a great many things have to be taken into consideration for a fantastic wedding and a good place to start is the wedding favours.

Wedding favours are just one of the facets of planning to make your big day a momentous occasion, there are countless fun ideas and you can be left feeling spoilt for choice. Here are some wedding favour ideas to get you started and to make them more special, you can expand on these existing ideas with your twist:

1. Personalised pencils

Even if you don’t choose to use them, a pencil (or pen) with your name or the date of your wedding makes a brilliant keepsake and wedding favour idea. Choose a specially designed pencil that is intricately patterned to make it worthy of a wedding.

2. Chocolate hearts

Simple but delicious, heart-shaped chocolates are sure to go down as a treat as everybody loves a bit of chocolate now and again. Serve them in small packets with a card or sticker with the name of the bride and groom plus the date of the wedding. 

3. Stamped biscuits

An edible wedding favour, a stamp or icing can be used to imprint the initials of the couple or the date of the wedding on these tasty biscuits. They can be served with tea at the wedding.

4. Infused olive oil

Flavoured olive oil in small bottles makes a luxurious wedding favour idea, olive oil can be infused with a range of ingredients like oregano, chilli, lemon, garlic or peppers. Every time your guests use the oil, they will remember the lovely event and of course, the lovely couple.

5. Small popcorn boxes

For a vintage wedding favour, serve popcorn in small striped boxes to keep both the adults and kids alike entertained.

6. Pick ‘n’ mix

Put a table with jars containing an assortment of sweets and let guests fill up small paper bags, it is sure to draw a crowd. The guests will remember the wedding they went to “with that fabulous pick ‘n’ mix”.

7. Cupcakes

Small but effective, write the initials of the couple and the date of the wedding in icing on the cupcake. Serve them as an after-dinner treat.

8. Pies

If the guests still have room after dinner, why not serve a variety of fruit pies including apple, cherry, pecan or peach flavours for a delicious snack? With this idea, you are sure to have your fingers in many pies. 

9. Macarons

A wedding favour classic, macarons are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside making an exquisite sweet treat. They can be served in mini personalised boxes or cake pop sticks.

10. Wooden pyrography key rings

Intricately designed, shaped pieces of wood (can be round or even heart-shaped) with burnt-on designs or lettering. Get them personalised with the initials of the couple encompassed by a heart.

11. Personalised bottle openers

Bottle openers are handy tools that everybody has to use from time to time. It is one of the useful things that people can attach to their keys and carry around with them. A personalised bottle opener with the date of the wedding will be well used making it a practical wedding favour.

12. Colouring books

Not just for children, there are many highly detailed colouring books for adults; colouring books are very entertaining and good for stress relief two. It’s a wonderful idea that the guests are sure to appreciate.

13. Flower seeds

Grab some packets of your favourite flowers or seeds, the guests will go back home and plant them in honour of your wedding remembering the couple as the flowers blossom, quite a romantic idea indeed!

14. Lip balms

A cosmetic treat, lip balms with the date of the wedding on it; are sure to make a great gift and double as a lifesaver for anyone who forgot to bring lip balm to the event! 

15. Personalised coasters

Most people drink tea (or coffee!) and a coaster with a humorous or inspirational quote made by yourself with your name underneath is a superb wedding favour idea. Maybe you would prefer to feature a more serious, romantic quote, nonetheless, it will still work quite well. 

16. Jam jars

Spread some love with little jars of different flavoured jams, food-related wedding favours are always a hit. Decorate with ribbons, napkins or cards for a beautiful look or opt for a more classic look with a piece of traditional red and white (gingham) picnic cloth. 

17. Chutneys and relishes

Fancy a more savoury option? Scrap the jam jar ideas for chutney jars instead! Whether you choose to make it yourself or buy it from a producer, jars of chutney are a tasty way to entertain your guests.

18. Succulents

Despite the name, they aren’t for eating. Succulents are beautiful, small pot-based plants that don’t require much effort to look after. A great natural present to symbolise your growing love.

19. Handmade Soap

Add personalised stickers or name tags for each guest, so they won’t be left on the table when everyone leaves! Have the handmade soaps fragranced with delicate flowers or aromatic essential oils.

20. Classic wedding favour boxes

Ideal for sending your guests home with a little slice of the wedding cake, or filling them with individual treats such as bonbons or luxury fudge.