22 Best Fragrance Oils for Candle Making

When it comes to purchasing unique gifts, for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion, handmade scented candles are an exquisite gift idea that everyone is sure to love. The fragrance oils used within the candles have many therapeutic benefits, and they are proven to be an effective means of stress relief, but in general, scented candles are pleasant to burn to add a fragrant, warming touch to your home.

According to Reports and Data, growing awareness amongst consumers about the therapeutic benefits of fragrances and perfumes is another factor boosting the market growth.

Here are twenty-two of the best fragrance oils to take into consideration when choosing a scented candle, whether it’s a gift for someone or yourself, these essential oils are sure to impress, destress and rejuvenate the senses.


A luxurious oil which is difficult to extract, amber is commonly known for its resin that is used in jewellery, the oil, however, is less well known. The oil is commonly used in aromatherapy and can help treat asthma due to its potential to aid the immune system and even unblock restricted airways. Amber oil is also a popular aphrodisiac and helps create a romantic atmosphere.


Bergamot oil is extracted from round, yellow fruits that are found in Italy, Morocco, the Ivory Coast, and Asia. It has an extremely pleasant and refreshing smell that is known for its antidepressant properties, making bergamot a highly popular choice in scented candles as well as bath and body gifts.


A mild yet masculine fragrance with woody notes. The oil extracted from the wood of cedar trees, native to North America, has a calming effect and is the ideal choice of scented candle when looking for gifts for him.


Chamomile essential oil is strong, sweet, and herbal in fragrance. Chamomile is world-renowned for its relaxing and calming properties. Not only are chamomile flowers used as essential oils they are also used in tea and beauty products due to their relaxing fragrance.


The aroma of cinnamon oil in a burning candle brings warm and spicy tones into your home, perfect during the winter and synonymous with all things Christmas. Cinnamon oil is known to combat anxiety and depression, it also smells wonderfully pungent and is the perfect oil to use for a scented candle.


Used in medicine to soothe coughs and clear mucus build-up in the chest, the scent of eucalyptus oil has many healing properties and relieves breathing difficulties.


With its historically renowned warming and calming properties, Frankincense has been used for centuries by many religions in prayer and meditative atmospheres. This essential oil is distilled from the resin that has been extracted from small trees that are found in North Africa, the Middle East as well as in China and India.


Geranium oil is strong in its fresh floral fragrance and pale green colour. Its therapeutic effects can be uplifting yet sedative and calming while promoting concentration.


Not commonly used in aromatherapy, the fragrance of hyacinth oil can be used to suppress addictions.


Coming from the beautiful white jasmine flowers, jasmine essential oil is very popular due to its sweet fragrance and is commonly used in high-end perfumes. Not only does jasmine essential oil have many health benefits and is great for aromatherapy, but its romantic smell also makes it a perfect aphrodisiac and a Jasmine scented candle is a perfect wedding or Valentine’s Day gift.

Jasmine essential oil can also relax the body and is perfect for healing cramps and painful spasms.


Lavender oil is famous for its sleep-inducing and stress-relieving aromatic properties. Made from the purple flowers of a shrub, Lavender is one of the most popular choices of scented candles that there is. 


Commonly used in cooking and herbal medicine, lemongrass essential oil has a lovely citrusy fragrance and is without a doubt one of the more common essential oils used in aromatherapy. Lemongrass oil helps prevent digestive problems and can even treat high blood pressure. Used in a candle, it will fill your home with a reviving, citrusy scent that is known to ward off mosquitoes.


A medium-strength essential oil with a sweet and woody aroma, the fragrance of marjoram is known for calming emotions and treating insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Orange Blossom

Orange blossom essential oil has a wonderful fragrance and is used for mental relaxation, it is great if you prefer more citrus-smelling candles, like the lemon, grapefruit, lime, and orange varieties.


One of the most distinctive and ancient essential oils, oudh has been used for centuries and is mentioned in various religious texts adding to its mystery. Oudh is a very expensive oil and rightly so, with its heavenly smell and cultural significance, burning a candle fragranced with this oil will conjure up images of luxurious palaces and Oriental escapes.


With the ability to ease headaches and upset stomachs, patchouli essential oil has a pleasantly sweet and musky fragrance. Research is still being conducted on this essential oil so knowledge of the full array of benefits is still to be acquired, however, a patchouli-scented candle is a unique gift with a relaxing fragrance.


Peppermint essential oil is used to treat all kinds of digestive problems including nausea and irritable bowel syndrome. As for use in candles, the peppermint oil gives off an invigoratingly fresh aroma wherever they are lit.


Proven to ease menstrual and labour pains as well as stress, rose essential oil has a pleasant fragrance with romantic tones, which makes it a classic fragrance to go for when choosing handmade scented candles.


Rosemary essential oil can be used to ease allergic reactions and respiratory problems as its fresh fragrance can clear up a congested throat. Other benefits of rosemary essential oil include the strengthening of hair and indigestion relief, so it can be found in a range of holistic items and beauty care products.


Sandalwood essential oil is made by steam-distilling crushed heartwood, which produces golden yellow oil that has a warm, woody aroma and is known for its psychological health benefits. 

Tea tree

Tea tree essential oil is perfect for the treatment of fungal problems and acne. The oil itself is used for the treatment of psoriasis. In scented candles, tea tree oil is used to clear the mind and improve concentration.

Ylang Ylang

Used for stress relief and for setting a romantic mood, Ylang Ylang essential oil is steam-distilled from full yellow flowers for a medium-strength fragrance. A ylang-ylang scented candle is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a pick-me-up as this fragrance is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety, tension, depression, and insomnia.

You don't have to be an aromatherapy enthusiast to love lighting a scented candle once in a while, it will prove to be a very pleasant experience that will relax the body, calm the mind and refresh your surroundings. Spread the tranquillity by giving a handmade fragranced candle as a gift.


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