Thoughtful Handmade Birthday Gifts For Your Best Friend!

If your bestie's birthday is coming up and you want to get them something that will show them that you care, you’re in the right place!

We’re here with some inspiration for you, to help give your friend a gift they will treasure. All of our ideas are handmade gifts, so you can focus on giving your bestie something really special without having to spend a fortune.

Hand-Painted Jewellery Box

Our first idea is to create a hand-painted jewellery box! If your friend loves jewellery, then this is a great choice. From any craft shop, you can get smaller or larger jewellery boxes that are wooden, then you can get some cheap acrylic paints and get creative! Choose a small one that they can keep their favourite pair of earrings in, or if you have a bit of a bigger budget you could get some cute huggie hoops or flat back earrings to go into the box!

You can get creative when it comes to the design of the jewellery box, whether you go for a sunflower, a sunset, a cute floral design, a galaxy theme or something to remind you of your favourite memory together. Try out different painting techniques if you’re not sure what to go with. This will show you have put time and effort into their gift, without having to spend much at all.

A Scrapbook

Next up we have a classic handmade gift, a scrapbook! This is a great way to bring all of your memories with your friend into one place. All you need to do is print off your favourite photos from the time you’ve known each other, then get a cheap scrapbook online. Then, pick up some colourful pens, gold metallic ones that look great, and some glue.

From here, you can go wild! We’d recommend ordering your photos first so you know what you want in what order, as this will make the rest of the process much easier. Then, start sticking. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the designs, as everything doesn’t need to be in straight lines and all neat.

Experiment with different angles, and then you’ll also have space to write little notes about the pictures and the memories you built. Whenever they’re feeling down or missing you, they can look through the scrapbook and enjoy all of the memories you’ve got together.

A great thing to do is leave a chunk of pages at the end if you’ve got the space to do it so that you can add to the scrapbook with all of your future memories.

A Food Hamper

If your friend is a foodie, then making them a food hamper is such a great thing to do! Get a cute basket, whether it’s from a charity shop or online. Line it with a cute tea towel or some tissue paper. Then, think about the kinds of foods they love and start building.

One great thing to do is to get used to some jars you’ve got hanging around and create some homemade seasonings for your friend. You could create a fajita seasoning, a sea salt and rosemary one for roast potatoes, a Greek dry rub, a jerk seasoning or whatever their taste is!

You could also infuse some oils yourself, pouring olive oil into a cute jar with different herbs. If you’re into baking, bake some of their favourite flavour cookies, let them cool completely and then wrap them in some clear wrap with a bow.

There are so many things you could do here, and you could even go for a theme if you know they love a particular cuisine. An example would be an Italian basket, with pasta sauce, fancy pasta, their favourite drink, olive oil, pesto and so on.

These are just some of the great ways to show your friend you care, whilst also saving some money. Get creative and enjoy the process.