Great Ways To Upcycle Your Old Clothes

As we all know, buying affordable clothes from fast fashion brands isn’t good for the environment. That is why there are more sustainable fashion brands than ever before. The only problem with this is that they come at a cost. The materials for these items are of better quality than fast fashion brands. Therefore, they last longer than most clothing items designed in the fast fashion industry. 

If price is an issue, you are probably looking for more affordable eco-friendly brands. However, if you struggle to find brands which are sustainable and affordable, we advise you to get creative. Here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make the most of those old fabrics.

Turn Your T-shirts into Vests 

First on the list is turning old t-shirts into vests. Vests are a great way to repurpose old t-shirts you can no longer wear. Furthermore, vests are good pieces of clothing for loungewear in the summer months, such as a vest with a pair of gym leggings.  

If you have a sewing machine, this is easy to do. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a sewing machine, improve your sewing skills and hand-sew the vest. It is a great way to extend the life of that t-shirt you no longer wear and wear it in the summer months. 

Design Your Chokers

Chokers are very much back in fashion now which is why you need some for your wardrobe. However, instead of buying them from a shop or online, consider making your chokers. Not only will you save money but you can customise it to your personal preference. Not to mention that you do not require any sewing experience for this. 

If you have a lovely lace dress that you no longer wear, cut it up and use it for a choker. Then buy some charms or use ones which you already own and hang them on the choker. All you need now is some press buttons and glue them on either side of the piece of fabric which you are using. 

Make Use of Those Old Jeans

Ripped Jeans

Jeans are one of those garments that can last for years if you buy them from a good brand. However, the jean style may no longer be in fashion and therefore, you might want to buy some new jeans that are on-trend. 

If you don’t want to throw away those old jeans that you now have, you can repurpose them into shorts. Denim shorts are a fashion trend that never seems to go away so get some scissors and cut off the legs of those denim jeans. 

Turn Old Oversize T-shirts into A New Dress

Last but not least is making use of those old, oversized t-shirts you no longer wear. Sometimes, you fall out of love with a piece of clothing but don’t want to get rid of it. If that is you, it is time to get creative with your old t-shirts and repurpose them into summer dresses. 

For this, you may require some experience in sewing so ensure you look at a few tutorials on how to turn your oversized t-shirt into a lovely new dress for your wardrobe. If you don’t have any oversized t-shirts then ask your family and friends whether they have any large t-shirts you can upcycle into a dress. 

There are so many different things you can do to your old clothes. It is all about using that brain of yours and getting creative with what you have in front of you. Maybe you want a new pair of hand mitts or a new scarf/hat.

You can even create new cushion covers for your home. Upcycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention it can help improve your sewing skills.