Creative Wall Painting Ideas for Your Home

Turning a house into a home is about building character with unique décor and details. Simple walls and furniture may be a minimalist dream, yet you’ll often need a bit more detail to avoid the place looking sterile. A pop of colour or eye-catching art can transform any place into a cosy environment you and your family will enjoy.

Wall painting is one of the ways of adding that special something to your living space and refreshing it without breaking the bank and turning your home upside down.

Here are some great creative wall painting ideas for your home that you can try out with the next renovation.

Dark Glamour

Dark colours are a hot pick in recent home design trends. They give a dose of glamour to the space but also calm down the whole setting. Unfortunately, people are hectic when it comes to dark wall painting, worrying about them making the space too small and gloomy.

However, if you make the right choice with the colour, you can go bold on the walls and add a unique character to your home. Some of the popular, mistake-proof dark colours include:

  • Tricorn Black – not a simple black, but an elegant version of it;
  • Seaworthy blue – dark, hearty blue with a cool undertone that goes well with a well-lit space and sophisticated furniture;
  • Downpour blue – a bolder version than Seaworthy, this navy blue colour is perfect for people who like darks but not black or anything similar. It’s an eye-catcher and makes a great match with colourful patterns and gold details.
  • Dark olive green – green is such a calm, beautiful colour that sets the tone and complements so many different colours and tones. A deep olive green is a trendy choice for people who enjoy vintage and elegant vibes but also experiment with industrial style.
  • Dark purple Brinjal – why not give it a go with the colour of a ripe aubergine? An uncommon, yet very interesting choice, this dark purple is truly powerful in home design and will make the space warmer and more glamorous.
Interior with dark blue walls
Go bold and make your home cosy and elegant.

Patterns That Catch Your Eye

Patterns may be one of the most intimidating wall painting ideas to try out – but they are all worth it! Patterns will surely refresh the space, elevate the colours in the room and create dimension.

And what’s the best thing about them – you have so many styles to choose from. The easiest ones would be stripes or buffalo check patterns – they are very simple to do, and at the same time, they are effective and eye-catching. You can go for vertical or horizontal stripes, but also do other patterns such as dots or faux bricks with a sponge, but also more complex patterns you can easily do with a stencil.

Stencils are very simple to use and provide precision to those who are not that good at the free-hand technique of wall painting. Combine light and dark colours that match the rest of the room and you’re good to go!

Botanical Mural

Floral, tropical and similar botanical themes are a huge hit in the home design world. Painting a botanical mural is perfect for those creative souls who have the time and inspiration to create an amazing wall in their homes.

You can search for inspiration online, so you can pick the right colours and do a sketch before you start painting. Paint different kinds of leaves, bushes, and stems – botanical wall murals are something you can’t go wrong with.

This is a DIY project that can turn out to be amazing if you let your creativity go and express your unique style through the wall paint.

However, if you don’t feel that confident with a paintbrush, hiring a professional to do a wall for you is much easier and faster. Professional Movers Canada advises contacting experts for all sorts of housework – from remodelling, painting, and cleaning, to moving and packing your furniture for storage. This saves so much time and energy, so you can focus on the creative part of the job.

Experts have all the skills and tools necessary to help you out with making your home beautiful in no time.

Living room with a botanical mural on the wall
Tropical leaves or gentle flowers – botanical motives are always a good call.

Do Sections Instead of the Whole Wall

Picking a colour is one step to refreshing the space, but there’s one more way to make the walls a bit more interesting. ‘Dip’ the walls in a colour for a twist – paint two-thirds of the walls in a darker colour, while the rest of the wall and ceiling stay lighter.

Consider the height of the furniture in the room so you pick the right height of the colour and make everything symmetrical. Furthermore, you can do sections of darker paint and use them as dividers of the space. This method is very popular in open-floor concepts, as they visually divide the space without making it smaller.

Faux Concrete Wall Finish

Concrete has been a very popular element of modern home design, and putting it on the walls is one way to incorporate concrete into your living space. Luckily, you don’t need real concrete, as you can do a faux concrete wall painting in a couple of easy steps:

• Prep the wall by removing all the dust and dirt and make sure it’s completely clean.
Use a block brush to paint the wall in a grey colour with arch strokes;
Smooth the strokes with a damp cloth by lightly tapping over the edges;
Put a bit of paint on the same cloth and add more texture to the wall – this doesn’t need to be perfect, just lightly dab some more colour across the wall;
Use a lighter grey or even white colour to do additional strokes over the grey paint and repeat the cloth process to soften the stroke edges;

Even though it takes a couple of hours to do this, take your time with this project and do smaller sections one by one. This will ensure the paint doesn’t dry up quickly so you can check the progress and correct potential mistakes.

Also, when it comes to mistakes, make sure all the furniture and carpets are not close to the paint. Paint stains are difficult to remove from textiles, so be sure to prepare them for storage before you open the paint cans. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Living room wall painting ideas
Cool greys for the win – concrete-like walls are a great idea for a neutral home.

Wall Painting – Refresh Your Home with Ease

The beauty of wall painting is that there are plenty of ideas to choose from, and it won’t cost a lot to completely transform your living space. And what’s best about it – you can change styles from time to time, and easily correct mistakes with a fresh coat of paint.

That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate with a bold paint project you’ve wanted to do for a while – you can always paint it over if you don’t like it!