10 Must Have Items For Your New Baby

When starting out from scratch with a new baby, you need the right equipment for your nursery. These must-have items can also be inspiration for gift ideas when attending a baby shower.

1. Moses Basket

Moses baskets are an ideal size to create a cosy and confined space for your newborn to sleep in, in the first couple of months. You will also be able to sleep better, reassured by the fact that your baby is safe without you having to balance on the edge of the bed! Ideally Moses baskets are purchased with a stand so your baby will be at your bed side.

2. Bouncy Chair

A bouncy chair is an absolute Godsend, they are great place for your baby to sit and observe the world around them which is especially handy when you have other tasks to attend to. They also are a good solution for when baby wants to be settled off to sleep and you can also sit down and relax while the chair provides the gentle movements which will help your baby to nod off. There are two types of chair, one which takes batteries and moves automatically. The second type, which is our favourite, has a flexible yet sturdy metal frame which responds to yours and your baby's movements by bouncing up and down.

3. Baby Bath Tub

A baby bath tub, or even a bath seat, will come in particularly handy because you will have both hands free to wash your baby. Using a baby bath tub on the floor will help prevent strain on your back and if your bathroom is freezing, you can even use the tub in your bedroom or living room.

4. Top ‘n’ Tail Bowl

A top and tail bowl usually has two compartments for water which are ideal for keeping your baby fresh and clean when you are not giving them a full bath. This is particularly useful for when the baby's belly button has not completely dried out so you don't have to immerse it in water, which should speed up the healing process.

5. Johnsons Baby Essentials Box

The Johnsons Baby Essentials Box is the perfect gift for any new mum and it is packed with baby skincare products such as shampoo, baby bath and oil, cotton buds and wipes.

6. Bottle Sterilizer

Milk residue can harbour bacteria which is harmful especially for a newborn baby. This is where the need for a bottle steriliser comes in. You can easily sterilise your babies bottles with steam and without the need for chemical sterilising tablets. We recommend the Avent steam sterilser which sterilises bottles in only six minutes and can keep them sterile for up to twenty-four hours.

7. Bottle Starter Pack – Avent or Tommee Tippee

Even if you are planning to breast-feed, this starter pack may come in handy for when you want to express milk or give other drinks such as water. It contains both small and large bottles along with a bottle brush and a dummy. For babies who will drink formula milk, this pack works out really well.

8. Car Seat

Keeping safety in mind when on the road. This is going to be needed for your baby’s very first ride in a car which could possibly be their trip home from the hospital where they were born.

9. Push Chair

Pushchairs are suitable for newborn babies and onward, they can be easily folded for compact storage in car boots and cupboards and have a reclining seat for when your baby needs to sleep while out and about. A stroller is a lighter-weight option but it doesn't give the flexibility to allow your baby to lay back and rest comfortably while on the move.

10. Safety Gate

Safety gates are ideal for protecting your baby or toddler from climbing up or falling down the stairs and from other potential dangers around the house. They are also a good idea for families who have babies and dogs that are not to be left unattended.