10 Brilliant Baby Shower Ideas

Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and will make memories for an expectant mother that will last a lifetime.

From finger food recipes to gift ideas and party themes, get ready with these great tips on how to wow that Mum-to-be with a fantastic baby shower!

1. Location

Weather permitting, you can take advantage of the extra space by having a garden party or set up in a decent spot of a nice park. For an indoor party, if renting out a venue is beyond your budget, make some space in the living or dining area of the home. Perhaps a friend or family member can help you with this if they have more room.

2. Invitations

Invitations can be sent out the good old fashioned way in paper form or to be more in-keeping with the modern technology of today, you could use an online invitation service, email or text message. People will appreciate the convenience of being able to RSVP you from their phone or laptop, although it is a good idea to keep a few paper invites handy for those less computer friendly. Shop bought or even handmade party invitations are a nice as a little keepsake to bring back memories for the people who receive them too.

3. Theme

When thinking of a theme for your party, for example, pink and gold for a girl or blue and silver for a boy, you can make decorations, wrapping paper, gift bags and balloons etc match with the theme for a more consistent look. It is also worth considering if you want to go for a vintage, floral kind of theme or something more modern like a coffee bar atmosphere which will have lots of decadent treats and hot drinks, the latter of which will work well in colder weather.

4. Decorations

Paper lanterns, bunting and balloons are a cost effective way to add to the party atmosphere and can easily be folded and reused for other parties (except for the balloons of course). Adding small extras such as confetti in the balloons and small vases of flowers on tables can make a big difference. Also DIY bunting or other handmade decorations can save a lot of money instead of purchasing them every time.

5. Food

One of the first foodie things you might expect to see at a baby shower is the cake. The cake itself could be a certain colour, depending on whether the baby is a girl or a boy, and if guests don’t know yet, why not surprise them with a cake with a pink or blue centre! Make sure there are snacks to hand for any little ones who might be attending in case they want a nibble. You could also include crowd pleasers like chocolate fountains which would also look very attractive on the table.

6. Drinks

Non-alcoholic fruit punches and mocktails are all the go these days and will go down a treat for mum-to-be especially, depending on the recipe they can be made to match the colour scheme of the baby shower too in pink or blue, such as sparkling cranberry punch or blueberry slush.

7. Party Favours

Say thank you to the party guests for coming with some fantastic baby shower party favours such as pink or blue organza bags filled with treats or votive candles personalised with stickers. Mini bottles of nail polish labelled ‘Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes’ or little bath puffs with a tag saying ‘From my Shower to Yours’ are bound to raise a smile!

8. Gifts

Firstly come all the essentials, such as babygrows, vests, socks and scratch-mits, especially if this is the first baby in the home who doesn’t have elder siblings to depend upon for hand-me-downs. But if you are planning to give mummy-to-be something that extra special, then boutique and couture baby gifts are a unique idea.

9. Entertainment and Games

Thinking of fresh and genuinely fun ideas for this one, it is a fun idea to request all guests to bring along their own baby photo when you send out the invitations. During the baby shower, these will be pinned to a board and guests can play ‘Guess the Baby’ by pointing out who they think each photo belongs to. It’s a great way to break the ice at parties where people don’t know everyone and makes for a great conversation starter.

10. The Guestbook

Instead of going for a traditional guestbook, why not create a board with card cut-outs, shaped like baby vests, hearts or little feet, which your guests can sign and stick on the board. These small message cards with all their special notes can later be added to a book or album which can be given as a gift to the guest of honour.

Have we missed out a great baby shower idea? Or do you have any baby shower stories you would like to share? Please let us know.