10 Best Baby Photography Prop Ideas

Babies are the cutest, most adorable little people we will ever have in our lives. They grow up so fast and before you know it, that little bundle of joy you brought home in a blanket has turned into a full-fledged teenager.

While it’s true that they are not babies for long, you can capture many of your most precious moments together through photography. With the use of some fun props, some of which can be shop bought or handmade, you can make some of the most memorable photos of your baby that you will cherish for a lifetime.

1. Funny Hats

Hats come in so many hilarious varieties and they are great props for wintery photo shoots.

2. Headbands and Tutus

Make your little ballerina stand out with a ruffled tutu and a pretty head band.

3. Baskets

Another thing that is extremely cute about babies is the fact they can fit into small spaces! Layer a basket with a soft blanket so that it’s comfortable enough for your baby to sit or sleep in for the photograph. Vintage style buckets, large bowls and rugs are also great options and the backdrop can be more personalized by using baby blocks or lettered bunting which spells out your baby’s name.

4. Flowers and Feathers

Flowers make the prettiest props for a baby girl’s first photo shoot and team them up with feathers to make tiny wings and you can’t go wrong.

5. Soft Toys

Take cuteness to another level by giving the baby his or her favourite soft toy to cuddle during the shoot.

6. Hands and Feet

Sometimes less is more, without having to buy baby photography props, you can still create some of the most meaningful photos. Capturing the image of your baby’s tiny feet in your hands will be one of the most unforgettable photos you could take. Make the baby’s feet look like a heart shape, or show your wedding ring to symbolize family and love.

7. Siblings

One of the most wonderful sights as a parent is seeing your new baby looking at his or her elder siblings for the first time. Be it a hug or a kiss, a show of affection and love between your little one and an older brother or sister is one of the best things you can capture with a camera.

8. Scarves

Wrapping your baby in a beautiful scarf will add a splash of colour and fun and really make your photos stand out.

9. Mermaid Tails

Crocheted mermaid tails are one of our favourite baby photography props that can be handmade or shop bought. Not only are they super cool, they are cozy too and can be worn with matching head bands or crocheted hats.

10. Pets

Pets are part of the family too and it is nice to still make a fuss of them when a new baby comes along. It is great to capture your pet dog or cat’s expressions and glances at your newborn and it will become a treasured family photo for years to come.

Photo Editing

With any decent photo editing software you can let your imagination run wild and produce some of the most amazing backdrops for the photos of your little one.