10 Baby Life Hacks You Need to Know

Unfortunately new babies don’t come with an instruction manual, also it can be one of the most tiring times of your life when you have just gave birth to a child but the more organised you are, the better things will be. Just a few simple tips and tricks can make life so much easier and save you time so you can get on with enjoying your little bundle of joy.

1. A Bib Hook

Stick a safe plastic hook on back of your baby’s high chair and keep a ready supply of clean bibs on it, so you don’t have to go rummaging for a fresh bib when it is baby’s meal time.

2. A Mesh Laundry Bag

Hook a mesh bag onto the side of your wash basket for keeping all those little socks and tiny scratch mits separate. You can put the whole bag in with your laundry basket for easy sorting out afterwards.

3. The Vest Trick

Did you know that the shoulders of your baby’s vest are designed not just for stretching over heads? They are also handy for stretching down over the baby’s legs in the event of a “nappy avalanche”. Sometimes there is nothing worse than try to pull a dirty vest over your baby’s face!

4. A Portable Nappy Basket

Keep a basket downstairs which contains wipes, powder, cream, nappy bags etc so you don’t have to go upstairs for every nappy change. This is also handy so you don’t keep receiving calls or texts messages from your partner asking where everything is while you are out.

5. A Changing Bag for in the Car

Keep a nappy changing bag in your car if you go out and about a lot so you don’t have to remember to take one out with you every time. Include all the essential changing items as well as travel changing mat and antibacterial wipes for your hands in case you can’t get to wash them somewhere. This can also include a spare change of clothes for your baby and you in case your little one has a nappy leak, vomiting or food spillage. When travelling with babies, be prepared for anything!

6. A Portable Toy Basket

Keep a toy basket with a selection of toys in it downstairs which can be used in the living room and easy to take upstairs when guests come or you just fancy a toy free zone for a while.

7. An Extra Layer of Bedding

Layer your cot bedding with a waterproof mattress pad then a sheet, then another mattress pad, then another sheet so if a leakage occurs during the night, you can just whip one sheet and mattress pad off and voila! The cot is ready again for your baby to go in!

8. Be Prepared for Burps

Keep a steady supply of clean flannels on hand to use as burp cloths everywhere. Keep one under your baby’s head while asleep in the cot so any sick or dribble will go straight onto the cloth and whatever you are using on the mattress will be saved.

9. A Breath of Fresh Air

If you take your little one out to sit in the garden in warmer weather, use a fitted cot sheet that you can stretch over the top of an outdoor playpen for protection from insect bites and too much sun.

10. A Stain Removal Mixture that Actually Works!

Mix one part dishwashing detergent with two parts hydrogen peroxide. It works on both clothing and carpets and removes the stains from every possible mess a baby can make.