10 Great Things to Include in a Baby Hamper

A baby hamper full of all the essential items a new mum needs to start off her new life with her little one is a great gift idea. They are full of the must-have basic items that every mum needs for her new baby, as well as some very practical yet novel items that people may not think of buying straight away. Baby hampers are perfectly suitable for gifting at baby showers or for when the little bundle of joy arrives.

Ready made up baby gifts hampers are available to buy online however you might want to give something more personalised by mixing and matching your own favourite baby products and putting them all together in an attractive basket or gift box by yourself.

If you are not sure where to start, here are ten superb items that we think you might like to put in your baby hamper...

1. Vests, Babygrows and Scratch Mits

Starting with the obvious, babies go through vests and bodysuits really quickly especially in the first few weeks so it’s handy to have several of them so you don’t run out of clean ones.

2. Toiletries

Top to toe wash, bubble bath, baby shampoo, cotton wool and wipes all are the things you will want to add to your basket or gift box, why not throw in some first size nappies too for good measure!

3. A Blanket

A super soft and snuggly fleece blanket is a lovely gift idea for a new baby. You might want to colour coordinate the contents of your baby hamper if you are making it for a girl or a boy, or perhaps in a neutral colour if you don’t know yet. A mix of pastel colours will also look fantastic.

4. A Hooded Towel

A baby’s bath towel with a hood, aka the cuddle and dry robe, will make a lovely addition to your baby hamper and is important for those post bath-time cuddles!

5. Burp cloths

Muslin squares or flannels are a practical idea and you can never have too many of them! Just like vests, these can be rolled up into little rose shapes and used to give a decorative look to your baby hamper.

6. Chocolates for the parents

Don’t forget to include a treat for the new mum and dad, although the excitement of receiving gifts for a new baby is immense, they will really appreciate a little something for them. You could also do something extra special like making up a pamper box for mum.

7. Buggy Clips

Buggy clips are strong and secure for clipping shopping bags to the handles of your pushchair, they are also good for attaching baby toys to ensure they don’t get lost along the way.

8. Bibs

Bibs with a Velcro fastening and a waterproof back are perfect for feeding time especially once the baby is on spoon feeds. While these seem like an obvious choice, you could go for a machine washable bib with sleeves that makes mealtime so much easier.

9. Weaning Bowl and Spoons

For less mess and fun a meal times, choose a colourful bowl with a non-slip base. Dishwasher and freezer safe bowls make a smart choice for busy mums. Bowls that come with two compartments, one for sweet and one for savoury foods are a good option too.

10. A Teddy Bear, Teething toys or Baby books

A little something for the baby to enjoy when he or she gets a little bit bigger. An adorable, cuddly teddy bear would be the centrepiece of your baby hamper, also the baby books or teething toys would add a splash of colour and fun to your compilation of gifts.

Once you have selected all the items for your hamper basket or gift box, arrange them by padding the base out with colourful tissue and wrap it up with cellophane and an attractive ribbon.

Whether the hamper is for a first time mum or for someone who already has had children, we are sure there will be plenty of useful things that she will appreciate. If you are also a mum, think of items that you found where really handy or perhaps something that you wished you had thought of at the time.